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Online Marketing for Small Business


There are some basics you need to know when establishing an online marketing strategy. First, you have to establish what your business goals are.  Do you want to increase the number of online sales, or do you want an increase in store traffic?  Having a business goal allows you to develop your online marketing which could be a combination of paid ads, social media outreach and optimizing your website with call to action buttons.  Especially important is optimizing your website for search engines so that you can increase your organic, free, traffic.

RUN AWAY from of an agency promising to get you to the first page, or to number one on the search engine result page. They are lying and using tricks that will eventually result in your page being banned by Google. Google’s algorithm can see the tricks and will penalize you accordingly.

Remeber that there are no set procedures or processes that will deliver an online marketing methodology. Search for “components of online marketing”  and dozens of companies will try to convince you they have the method.

No one has “The method to marketing” which is why you have to focus on providing your customers with the services and goods they need combined with a great relationship building campaign.


So, what is online marketing?

Online marketing is about building relationships not just about having a great website and paid advertising.

Think of one of your good friends.  Was it easy to forge the friendship, or did it take time to develop? You didn’t ask them to be best friends on day one… so why would you ask your customer to buy something right away.

Online marketing combines outreach to potential customers via paid and organic web search results, social media outreach, email marketing, and building relationships outside your network.   I will help you create your online marketing plan that includes a Social Media Strategy, a search engine optimization audit and a review of your business and marketing plans.